About us

eHREdge   was founded by a group of doctors, who practice across India and USA and are renowned in their individual specializations.


Over the years have given functional inputs, based on their day to day requirement at their respective practices. Hence the core features of the Product has always been to improve the efficiency of any clinic. The founding principle of the Solution was to ensure that there is a secure and easy way to manage Health Records for Doctors, Nurses, Administrative Staff, Patients and other necessary stakeholders, while reducing the overall time spent in Administrative Tasks.


Over the years the software has evolved based on changing needs of practitioners. Initially built as a on-premise Patient Data Management Tool, today is Single-Window Health-care Solution, that operates seamlessly meeting all day to day needs of doctors. Currently, Doctors & Patients can access the solution conveniently through their Desktop’s, Laptop’s or their  iPad’s.


Growing from module to module, one of the most unique features of eHREdge is “Progress Notes” that makes it a specialized solution for each practice. We have deployed and active usage in practices – Gastro, Internal Medicine and Cardio. Our teams work in collaboration with our clients/doctors to build and support custom work flows for effective usage.


Our operations are not only limited to the Cloud Based eHREdge Solution, but extend to medical services like Transcription Services, Scanning and Indexing Services, Records Management, Data Entry Services to name a few. With a strong foundation team, Regulation Compliant, easy & secure data access, round the clock support and backed with effective Services, eHREdge is clearly your single window solution for all your needs.